Damaged Garage Door Springs Can Cause Injury

Fixing garage door springs are better left to the professionals.

Garage Doors Spring Repairs Knoxville, TN

Garage door springs can become weak and cease working correctly with time, causing the garage door opener to malfunction or even break entirely. The door may become misaligned, and the spring with high tension attached to it might prevent the door from opening completely. It is highly recommended that you contact our professionals instead of attempting to replace your torsion springs yourself because of the risks involved in these types of repairs. Please don’t attempt to fix a crooked or lopsided garage door. Instead, call All American Garage Doors for prompt service in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, and Lenoir City, TN.

Beware of Garage Door Springs!

A broken spring on your garage doors should not be a minor repair you make on your own. Garage springs are under a lot of pressure and can break unexpectedly. Broken or rusted springs on your garage door can break suddenly, become disengaged, and cause injury to anybody nearby. The good news is your garage door will start giving you signs of poor condition. It can operate louder than usual, sound rickety, start to struggle, or maybe fall too quickly. All of these are signs to be aware of as a homeowner.

New garage door spring

Wondering how often to replace garage door springs?

A garage door's lifespan is dependent on how often it's used, not necessarily the number of days. Instead, a garage door's lifespan is calculated by the number of cycles it performs, with many doors lasting 10,000 to 20,000 cycles. A cycle is considered one full up and down motion of the garage door. An average number of years can vary, but generally, we see garage door springs lasting 10-15 years before needing to be replaced.

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As a homeowner, you rely on your garage door to function as it’s intended. With our crew on your side, you can feel good knowing we’ll keep things running smoothly. Life is full of decisions but choosing to use our reputable garage door company is an easy one.

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