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Residential Garage Door Trim and Panel Replacement in Knoxville, TN

At All American Garage Doors, you'll speak directly to the owner, Rich, or one of our other professionals. We are happy to answer your questions and provide product features and costs as a courtesy. We are locally owned, with more than 30 years of experience, and we’ve installed a lot of garage doors complete with matching trim and custom work. We repair and replace your garage door trim and we replace garage door panels that have seen better days. Our service areas include Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Kingston, and Lenoir City, TN.

Why get new garage door trim?

Behind your garage door trim, you’ll find wood framing. If this wood becomes water-damaged over time, you’ll most likely need to replace the garage door trim, as it’s not doing its job as efficiently as it used to. The trim is intended to keep out the rain and snow but it is also used to enhance your garage door curb appeal depending on the color and material you choose. Homes with basketball goals are notorious for needing trim replacement or panel replacement. This may sound funny, but a basketball that continually hits the garage door over time leaves small dents behind. Good memories, but damaged trim work. No worries, we can get things replaced to look brand new!

house with nice large white garage door

What about garage door panel replacements?

Rain and snow can put a toll on your garage doors over time when drainage is not ideal. Heavy rains and deep snows allow moisture to sit against your garage door and over time can seep in causing damage to your garage door panels. Again, no worries, these are easy fixes but ones that should be repaired sooner than later. Damaged door panels compromise the insulation, security, and beauty of your garage door. And let’s be honest, one of the first things you see as you pull into the driveway is the garage door. So let’s make sure it looks its best.

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Garage door trim comes in many great colors, styles, and insulation features. We also replace and repair garage door panels and garage door windows. Hardware can also add that personal style to your garage door. Check out what we offer by calling All American Garage Doors today and learn more about your options! Take a look at our gallery for inspiration.

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We are a full-service garage door company that’s locally owned and takes great pride in helping our communities. Once you call All American Garage Doors, you will be put in direct contact with our owner to discuss your garage door service needs. Our reliability, excellent service, and affordable prices are unmatched, and you'll love your experience with us! Call us today at 865-617-8930.

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