Nemo Tunnel Trail Lookout Point


One of the best ways to appreciate nature is by hiking along the Nemo Tunnel Trail Lookout Point. Located in Lancing, TN 37770, this railroad tunnel is an interesting historical artifact. It also offers a stunning view of the river below. Hikers will enjoy hiking along the high bluffs while listening to the gurgling river. more

The trail is part of the Cumberland Trail system. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is currently working to save the Nemo Train Bridge. As the Nemo Tunnels are near the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, visitors should follow the General Regulations for this area before hiking the area.

To reach the lookout point, hikers must first cross the historic iron Nemo Bridge. This bridge was constructed in the 1930s after a great flood destroyed the old bridge. The bridge was scheduled to be replaced in the late 1990s but was saved for hikers in 2000. This historic bridge is now a popular destination for locals and tourists.

The north portal is not as good. It is a little separate from the lining of the tunnel and is more likely to have ice around it in winter. The road through the north portal is more primitive but also leads to more primitive campsites. If you are lucky enough to get to the north portal, you may even get to visit the famous tunnel #24. Next.

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